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How to Choose a Cataract Surgeon

coupleYou have been told you have cataracts. How do you then choose a cataract surgeon? This is an important decision, as it can be the difference between a satisfactory surgical result and a great surgical result. If you wish to minimize your need for glasses after cataract surgery it is even more important to choose a quality, experienced surgeon.


You probably have friends, neighbors and relatives that have undergone cataract surgery. These individuals can be a great resource. Below are some questions you could ask them about where they had their cataract surgery.

• Was the doctor’s staff friendly and courteous from the first exam, through to the final post-operative exam?
• Did they explain the billing/insurance coverage clearly?
• Did the doctor take time to explain the procedure, giving them time to ask any questions they had?
• Were they made aware of all the options, such as the type of lenses and visual outcomes?
• Was the surgical outcome successful?
• Were the doctor and staff responsive when you had questions prior to the surgery and during the post-operative period?

You will also want to ask your optometrist who diagnosed you with cataracts for a recommendation on who to choose for a surgeon. He or she is likely familiar with a number of cataract surgeons in the area. Therefore, they can refer you to the surgeon they feel will provide you with the best results. You may even ask this doctor whom they would choose if they were in need of cataract surgery.

When you see the doctor for your initial evaluation, make sure to ask any questions that you have. It can be helpful to write down your questions prior to the appointment to make sure you don’t forget anything. You should leave this exam feeling comfortable with the practice. You may ask the doctor how many procedures he or she has done. You can ask how your post-operative care will be handled...will you have the opportunity to return to your optometrist who referred you for cataract surgery and if so, at what point after the surgery will this transfer of care take place.

Cataract surgery is something almost all of us will need at some point in our lives. Being an informed patient, understanding fully what a cataract is, how it is corrected surgically and what the post-operative healing process entails is essential to ensuring the optimum outcome.

Summit Eye Center specializes in cataract surgery, providing a customized approach based on each patient’s individual goals and unique situation. If you have more questions about cataracts, call Summit Eye Center at 816-246-2111 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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