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Year End Reflection



The end of the year is a time for reflection for many of us. We reflect individually, on our family lives and on our work lives.

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LASIK Discount for Teachers


Thanks to Mother Nature, the 2018-19 school year ran a bit longer in many of the Kansas City area school districts. Now that we have finally entered summer vacation, Summit Eye Centerer wants to provide a discount on LASIK laser vision correction to teachers this summer. This is in appreciation for the role they play in molding the young minds of future generations.

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Summit Eye Center Spotlight: Katja Guyton

katja guyton

November’s “Summit Eye Center Spotlight” features Katja Guyton, COA. She has been a technician at Summit Eye Center for 10 years. Straight out of are some fun facts about Katja.

Where did you go to high school? Hanau, Germany

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Summit Eye Center Spotlight: Penny Peterman

penny peterman

October’s “Summit Eye Center Spotlight” features Penny Peterman, COA. She has been a technician at Summit Eye Center for 5 years. She is also our resident thrill seeker, as you will see while learning more about Penny.

Where did you go to high school? Hickman Mills High School in Kansas City, MO

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New Glaucoma Treatment at Summit Eye Center

istent inject

Summit Eye Center continues to provide the most current treatment options to our patients with Dr. Skelsey’s first Glaukos iStent inject cases being preformed last week. In doing so, our patients are among the first in the Midwest to receive this exciting new glaucoma treatment.

The iStent inject is the smallest medical device known to be implanted in the human body. It is a heparin coated titanium stent that facilitates the outflow of fluid through the eye’s natural outflow pathway. With this procedure, two stents are placed in the eye in conjunction with traditional cataract surgery.

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Summit Eye Center Spotlight: Lisa Foote

IMG 43831

January’s “Summit Eye Center Spotlight” features Lisa Foote. She is the newest addition to the Summit Eye Center team, joining the practice in August 2018. Here are some fun facts about Lisa.

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Hydrus Microstent: A New Approach to Glaucoma Treatment

Hydrus 1

Summit Eye Center strives to provide the latest treatment options to our patients. Yesterday, Dr. Skelsey performed his first Hydrus Microstent procedures. In doing so, our patients are among the first in the Midwest to receive this innovative glaucoma treatment.

The Hydrus Microstent is the world’s first “intracanalicular scaffold” for the treatment of glaucoma. Roughly the size of an eyelash, it is made from a super-elastic, biocompatible alloy, which has been used in over 1 million implants in a variety of medical devices throughout the body.

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Summit Eye Center Spotlight: Anita Davis


Each month, we want to provide a “Summit Eye Center Spotlight” on someone from our team. This inaugural segment will feature our administrator, Anita Davis, MBA, COE. She has occupied this role since 2005. Hopefully, this allows one to gain a perspective about the people that make Summit Eye Center the practice it is.

Where did you go to high school? Ruskin High School in Kansas City, MO

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Dr. Kleinsasser is Here to See You!

Summit Eye Center Welcomes New Doctor with Two Decades of Professional Experience

Dr. Kelsey Kleinsasser has joined Summit Eye Center as one of our expert optometrists and will be available to start seeing patients immediately. Dr. Kleinsasser specializes in clinical management of glaucoma, cataract, cornea, retina and refractive surgery treatments. He has taught and practiced these areas passionately to help patients and others with their eye care needs.

Dr. Kleinsasser earned his Doctor of Optometry from Illinois College of Optometry in 2000. He then completed a residency with Kansas City’s Hunkeler Eye Centers, focusing on refractive surgery and cornea treatments. Dr. Kleinsasser worked with Silverstein Eye Centers in Kansas City, MO for 16 years, as an optometrist and clinical researcher, with further emphasis on cataract and refractive surgery co-management, and eye diseases. This past year, Dr. Kleinsasser worked with ReVision Optics in Lake Forest, CA. His focus was teaching and cultivating relationships with physicians, optometrists, and their staff with regards to a new surgical technology. Dr. Kleinsasser will now serve the Kansas City area with his new role at Summit Eye Center, located in Lee’s Summit, where he will continue patient care, providing services to help individuals with their vision needs.

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